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PGP Frequently Asked Questions

What is PGP?

PGP is a standard for data encryption. It has originally been devised as a standard for email encryption, but has gained popularity as a file encryption standard in the realm of banking and insurance. It uses a combination of public key encryption and symmetric key encryption which has proven to be both fast and reliable.


AEDAPTIVe PGP is a solution for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration that offers PGP encryption and decryption in the form of SAP NetWeaver PI modules. This means that – unlike other products on the market – AEDAPTIVe PGP is completely integrated in SAP NetWeaver and works within the SAP NetWeaver J2EE engine. The fact that you do not have to rely on intermediate files is a great security benefit that can not be achieved with other products.

Can the encryption and the decryption module be used with other (SAP or non-SAP) modules?

Yes, both the encryption and the decryption module can be used in combination with other modules. Keep in mind that after encryption and before decryption the data is in PGP encrypted format.

Can we use the encryption and the decryption module with adapter X?

Yes, this is supported for all standard SAP adapters that run in the Java engine of SAP NetWeaver PI, and for all non SAP adapters, provided that the adapter license does not exclude the use of third-party modules.

It is important to realize that after encryption and before decryption the data is in PGP encrypted format. This means for instance that you cannot use the file conversion features of the File Sender adapter. If you want to convert your data in flat file format, you can use the content conversion module before the PGP encryption module.

Can we use the SAP Key Store to store the PGP Keys?

No, the PGP key format is not compatible with the Key Store. AEDAPTIVe uses key files to store keys. These key files are compatible with all mayor PGP products on the market. One of these key files contains your private key and is encrypted so that access to the key file does not compromise your data.

Does AEDAPTIVe offer key management utilities with the PGP Module?

Yes, AEDAPTIVe PGP customers can download a desktop application for key management from the AEDAPTIVe web site.

How can we monitor the activities of AEDAPTIVe PGP?

On a daily basis you use the Run Time Workbench to monitor AEDAPTIVe PGP. Both the encryption module and the decryption module report extensively on the process. For instance, if you received data that was encrypted with an expired key, you can see information about the offending key in the Run Time Workbench.

You have not answered my question?

Please contact us if you have any other questions about AEDAPTIVe PGP or one of our other products.

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