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SFTP for SAP NetWeaver

SFTP, or secure FTP, is a concept that uses SSH to transfer files. Unlike standard FTP, it encrypts both commands and data, preventing passwords and sensitive information from being transmitted in the clear over the network. It is functionally similar to FTP, uses a different, newly designed protocol.

The AEDAPTIVe SFTP Adapter client for SAP NetWeaver© was originately designed and written for a few industry leaders in the Retail and High Tech industry, to enable SAP Exchange Infrastructure to exchange files securely with other internal applications, as regular FTP did not meet the companie’s security policies. The adapter is able to push files to other SFTP applications or pull files using a listener mechanism. For authentication, the adapter supports three methods, which should cover basically any common security measure.

Integrated with SAP Process Integration / NetWeaver

Like any other AEDAPTIVe solution, the SFTP Adapter is built on the SAP NetWeaver Adapter Framework. This ensures customers native integration with NetWeaver and existing monitoring tools such as SAP Solution Manager and the underlying CCMS.The adapter can be used in transparent conjuction with other adapters already available in SAP NetWeaver.


Feature Support Remarks
SFTP Features
SFTP version Draft version 3 Although widely used the SFTP protocol is currently still an Internet draft. AEDAPTIVe SFTP supports draft version 3, which is the most commonly implemented version.Refer to:
Supported data streams SSH2 only SFTP can be used over several data streams, notably SSH1 and SSH2. AEDAPTIVe SFTP only supports SSH2 which offers several security benefits over SSH1.
Authentication Methods Password, Public Key, Host Based Supports Public Key authentication and Host Based authentication. The following SFTP servers have been tested with these authentication methods: OpenSSH and SSH Communications.
Proxy HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 proxy authentication SFTP Sender and Receiver can access SFTP servers via a proxy server; authentication on the proxy server with user name and password is also supported.
Archiving Supported Possibility to archive messages on the SFTP server or locally on the PI server.
Setting file permissions on new files Supported The SFTP Receiver adapter can set the UNIX file permissions after writing the file to the SFTP server
SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Features
Supported SAP NetWeaver PI versions SAP NetWeaver 2004 (XI 3.0), SP 12 or higherSAP NetWeaver 2004s (PI 7.0), SP 8 or higher. SAP NetWeaver 7.3.
Use of adapter specific message attributes Supported SFTP Sender Adapter supports: File Name, Directory, File Type, Source File Size, Source File Timestamp, Source SFTP Host. SFTP Receiver Adapter supports: File Name, Directory.
Control via Run Time Workbench Supported The SFTP Sender and Receiver Adapter can be manipulated via SAP NetWeaver RTW just as any standard SAP Adapter.
Type of data stream Binary SFTP draft version 3 is a binary only protocol. Inbound and outbound data can still be manipulated as text in SAP NetWeaver PI.
Scheduler Supported for SFTP Sender Adapter In the SFTP Sender Adapter a scheduler is available that allows the configuration of the polling interval and polling times. With this polling mechanism it is possible to restrict polling to specific week days and/or times.
Variable substitution Supported The SFTP Receiver Adapter support variable substitution options similar to those of the standard File Adapter.
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