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SFTP Frequently Asked Questions

What is SFTP?

SFTP or SSH File Transport Protocol is a file transfer protocol that is typically used to transfer files securely within an intranet or over the Internet. It is often used as an alternative to FTP as it is more secure and greatly simplifies firewall setup.


AEDAPTIVe SFTP is a solution for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration that offers a SFTP client in the form of a SAP NetWeaver PI adapter. This means that – unlike other products on the market – AEDAPTIVe SFTP is completely integrated in SAP NetWeaver. The fact that you do not have to rely on intermediate files is a great security benefit that cannot be achieved with other products.

Does the SFTP Sender/Receiver adapter offer the same functionality as the standard SAP File adapter?

Almost all features that can be found on the standard SAP File adapter are available on the SFTP adapter, including archiving, the use of adapter specific message attributes, and variable substitution.

Can I use file content conversion with the SFTP Sender and the SFTP Receiver adapter?

The standard SAP File/FTP adapter offers file content conversion to convert flat files into XML and vice versa. This feature is not available on the SFTP Sender and Receiver adapter. However there is a standard SAP module called the MessageTransformBean that offers the same functionality when used with the SFTP Sender or the SFTP Receiver adapter.

You have not answered my question?

Please contact us if you have any other questions about AEDAPTIVe PGP or one of our other products.

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